Dragon Slayer! Jet Setting Magazine’s Exclusive Financial Analyst, Neil M. Pine, Hits Another Investment Home Run!

Chinese, Hang Seng Index Sky Rockets to Record All Time High after Unprecedented 14 day Winning Streak!

Only four months ago, in an article, published exclusively for Jet Setting Magazine, technical analyst for Reliance Management LLC, Neil M. Pine had prognosticated an historical milestone coming in the Chinese markets. Since that time, as of 1/12/2018, the Hang Seng Index has exploded, rising the last 14 consecutive days in a row, to an ALL TIME RECORD HIGH at 31,412, a gain of 3744 points or approx. 14% in a 4 month time period!

(Please refer to link below for published report on 9/10/2017)

In this article, published when the Hang Seng was only 27668, Mr. Pine makes an incredible forecast, stating, that not only will the Hang Seng Index breach record levels at over 31,000, but it would also go on to nose bleed levels at between 34-37,000 by May of 2018.

Furthermore, on 9/10/2018, Mr. Pine had stated that the Chinese markets would outperform all other world markets on a % basis, and would also be a leading indicator. And since that time, all the world markets have followed suit, with recent record highs in the Japanese Nikkei, London FTSE, German DAX, French CAC, and U.S. markets!

(Above, a 6 month performance of the U.S. NASDAQ Index vs. the Chinese Hang Seng Index)

As you can see by the chart, the Chinese market has clearly outperformed the U.S. indices, gaining over 19% with the NASDAQ up only 15.72% respectively.

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