Financial Analyst, Neil M. Pine, Forecasts the Chinese Hang Seng Index to Surge to Record Highs!


Neil M. Pine: Senior Technical Analyst for Reliance Management LLC, has prognosticated a 20% move coming in the Chinese stock market over the next 8 months which will also coincide with record all-time highs in the U.S., U.K., German, and French stock markets.

hang seng index

The Chinese Hang Seng market, as of 9/8/17, currently stands at 27,668. The record all-time high in this index, set in 2007, was 30,400. Mr. Pine forecasts a major rally coming that will take this index up to 34-37,000! However, be warned; as Mr. Pine states, these record milestones will also represent the final stages of over mature bull markets, where from these lofty highs, precipitous drops may take place which will bring these markets down over 50% by 2020!