Financial Analyst, Neil M Pine’s NASDAQ Prophecy is Coming True!

On 8/22/2016, Neil M. Pine had originally forecast a 30-35% rise in the NASDAQ by the end of 2017, and then a subsequent crash thereafter! For the record, he was only off by less than one month on his projection, as the market peaked on 1/25/2018.

Back then, when the NASDAQ was only 5200, Mr. Pine had set his parameters at 65-7000. However, as of this late January of 2018 date, the NASDAQ had hit an all-time record high at approx. 7506, outperforming the upper parameter of his forecast by approx. 8% and gaining an incredible 40% in only a year and a half!

Furthermore, Mr. Pine firmly believe s that this decline will last for years, possibly wiping out more than half of the markets total capitalization by 2021 or before. We have thus seen a 10% decline so far! Mr. Pine states that “This is just the beginning of a very long and protracted decline!”

(Please refer to link below for NASDAQ 7000 article)