Gov. Jerry Brown

Have you heard?

Governor Jerry Brown and top legislative Democrats have announced a deal to increase gas and car taxes by $5.2 billion a year – even though California’s gas taxes are already among the nation’s highest.

HJTA continues to be the taxpayers’ watchdog and wants you, the taxpayer to be informed and take action.

Sacramento’s plan would raise gas taxes 12 cents a gallon, diesel taxes 20 cents, and car taxes by an average of $51. A typical motorist could expect the plan to cost over $200 a year.

The political leadership is attempting to justify this tax increase with the lie that they don’t have enough money for roads. The reality is they received billions in new taxes last year including tax increases on income, bags, and tobacco, and hundreds of new local bonds.

If they were really broke, how do they personally receive the highest pay in the nation? Why do they continue to shovel good money after bad on a high speed train to nowhere that is overbudget, behind schedule and has still failed to secure Federal or private money?

Tell them to use the money they already have to fix our roads!

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The gas tax is by no means a done deal. They need a two-thirds majority in both the State Assembly and Senate to raise taxes. Your action CAN HELP stop this!

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