Major Brands’ Ads Running on Russia Website!


In recent weeks ads for some major brands have run on the website, which most recently was accused of misleading coverage following last weekend’s Las Vegas shooting and for trying to impact the 2016 presidential election, Ad Age reports. RT, formerly Russia Today, is funded by the Kremlin and RT stories often tilt in a pro-Kremlin direction. Over the past two weeks, ads from P&G’s Gillette, Ford, Honda, Walmart, Warby Parker and Honeywell have appeared on the RT site. Those ads are served through automated ad networks Taboola, AdRoll and Google’s Adsense. In one instance, a Ford video ad played against stories with anti-NATO sentiment, defending Russian military exercises against the U.S-led alliances.
WHY THIS MATTERS: These ads have been placed and been appearing apparently without the knowledge of the brands. P&G, in particular, has been outspoken in its objection to have its ads appear near content it deems objectionable, and has pulled dollars from digital to prevent those occurrences. Clearly, the practice of ads being placed programmatically on objectionable sites and next to objectionable content is still going on without brands’ knowledge.