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Jet Setting Magazine BLOWS AWAY every source of financial news media with incredible economic forecasts which are EXCLUSIVE only to us! We are Batting 1000 and we have the articles to prove it!

 Every economic forecast and recommendation (6 articles), written by financial journalist Neil M. Pine, exclusive ONLY   to Jet Setting Magazine, has been an investment HOME RUN!  You can’t find ANY source of media (TV, Radio, Magazine or News Paper), which can make this claim!!!

·         Article 1.)   8/18/15:

Financial analyst, Neil M Pine predicts a dramatic drop in oil prices. 2/11/16, only 5 months later, oil declined by as much as 45%, down to a 15 year low at $26!

·         Article 2.)  5/1/16:

 Financial analyst, Neil M Pine issues a major buy signal on Serious XM Radio stock at $3.95 a share. 5/13/17, SIRI (symbol for Serious Radio), hits a 10 year high at $5.53! A gain of 40% in one year!

 ·         Article 3.)  8/22/16:

a.)    Financial analyst, Neil M Pine forecasts the NASDAQ to reach 6500 -7000 by late summer to early 2018.  As of 5/16/17, the Nasdaq reached an all-time record high at 6170, up nearly 1000 points from Mr. Pines forecast or a gain of almost 20% in less than one year!!!

b.)    Mr Pine stated that this rally will be led by the tech sector. As of 5/19/17, the Dow Jones WSJ  tech index had gained about 80% from the time of this article!!!

c.)     Not only did Mr. Pine make it very clear, that the mining and oil sectors would not participate in this coming rally, but he also stated that they would decline, stressing the weakness in oil!

1.)     The WJS U.S. Gold Index has lost over 20% from the time of this article.

2.)    Exxon Mobil, a bell weather for the oil industry, has declined well over $12 from its high on 7/15/16 and down $7 from the time of this article, or a loss of 7% from 8/22/16. Mr. Pine expects further coming weakness in the oil sector as he outlines in his latest oil report.

·         Article 4.)  10/9/16:

 Reiterates article 3.

 ·         Article 5.)  2/7/17:

Mr. Pine remonstrated his belief that OPEC’s effort to prop up oil prices would fail miserably. Since the time of this publication, oil had declined almost $9 from over $52 to a recent low at under $44 on 5/3/17. Crude Oil is currently at $48 or down 8% in 3 months and Mr. Pine still expects much lower prices in the near future!

 ·         Article 6.)  5/11/17:

This article compliments and reinforces Mr. Pine’s OPEC article, reiterating certain factors

In which he had previously covered in the 2/7/17 article. The U.S. oil producers have just reported record inventories due to the aforementioned deregulation!


                                           DON’T PANIC!

Mr. Pine believes that this current market correction, starting as of 5/17/17, will be sharp, but short lived. He states that we could see one or two more days like today and then the market should recover by July to make new record highs. He feels that we will find strong support at or above the 5750 level (In terms of the NASDAQ), within a few weeks. 

Neil M. Pine: Senior Technical Securities Analyst for Reliance Management LLC and Formally a Federally Registered Investment Adviser.

For asset management, securities analysis and investment banking services, please contact Neil M. Pine through Reliance Management LLC: (760) 905-4143

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