Roundup® Herbicide linked to 70K cases of cancer annually


After analyzing years of governmental data of peer reviewed studies on Roundup®’s (glyphosate’s) safety, the World Health Organization (WHO), in conjunction with the National Institute of Health (NHI), and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), have concluded that Roundup® is “probably carcinogenic to humans!”Furthermore, Roundup® has been specifically linked to non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) and other similar forms of blood cancer such as lymphocytic lymphoma, B-cell lymphoma, lymphocytic leukemia and more. Every year, approx. 70,000 cases of these types of cancer have been linked to this dangerous herbicide! Approx.100 million pounds of Roundup® is used every year, just in the U.S. alone!

Here is a list of occupations which face the highest risk of exposure to Roundup®:

  • Farm & agriculture workers
  • Garden nursery workers
  • Golf course maintenance workers
  • Landscapers
  • Local and state government maintenance workers
  • Parks & forestry employees
  • Sports field & turf management workers
  • Arboriculture & viticulture workers
  • Horticulture experts
  • Lawn care & lawn maintenance workers
  • Professional gardeners

In another independent study by The National Institute of Health, they state that besides the victims of occupational hazard, even low level exposure to Roundup® through the food chain from ingestion of Genetically Modified (GM) crops, can still cause “Irreparable DNA damage and death to cells.” This toxic effect on human cell tissue has recently been confirmed by numerous peer reviewed studies.

The Food And Drug Administration (F.D.A), consider exposure to Roundup® through the food chain as “low level exposure,” however, Dr. Greger, of NutritionalFacts.Org, points out that through powerful lobbying and corruption, Monsanto was able to increase the legal limits of Roundup® herbicide residue on (GM) crops by as much as 20,000%! NO TYPE-O TWENTY THOUSAND! E.g., the legal limit for (GM) soy was increased from .1 MG per kilogram of grain to a full 20 MG! (A 200 fold increase!) This represents the height of criminal insanity, yet the sad truth is that if you walk up to someone eating a bag of Doritos and tell them that they are being poisoned, then they will look at you like you have 2 heads. This is exactly what Monsanto is banking on!

The legal limit for Roundup herbicide residue on GM soybeans had been increased by 20,000%! Organic and conventional non-GM soy contain NONE of these toxins!” — (Dr. Michael Greger M.D.)

In fact, not only does Monsanto NOT have to label their products as genetically modified or containing dangerous levels of herbicide residues, but what is even more insidious and misleading, is that by not labeling these products, then food producers can legally get away with labeling their toxic (GM) products as “All Natural” Non (GM) and organic soybeans, corn and sugar beets contain NONE of these dangerous toxins! So REMEMBER, when it comes to food labeling, “All Natural” means nothing! The only thing that you can trust is certified “Non-GMO” or “Organic!

Monsanto has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying to make sure that there is no label identifying food products which have been genetically modified and/or that may contain toxic levels of Roundup® Our food chain has been completely contaminated! Besides (GM) corn, soy and beets, even non organic wheat, which is NOT genetically modified, may also be treated with Roundup® in the process of agricultural production.

Dr. Greger also emphasizes that Roundup® itself is only made of 49% Glyphosate, (active Ingredient), and the remaining 51% is comprised of a deadly toxic quagmire of chemical surfactants and adjuvants which serve as a catalyst for the active ingredient! This was Monsanto’s dirty little secret, because all their previously rigged studies only test for glyphosate but NOT Roundup®. So it’s Roundup® that’s making people sick, on top of whatever toxicity that Glyphosates may contain!

Leaked Emails Show Solid Evidence of Collusion Between Monsanto and the (EPA) in Order to Cover Up Incriminating Research Regarding Roundup®!

It was recently proven that Monsanto colluded with federal regulators to quash incriminating documents showing a link to cancer from Roundup®! They attempted to hide and manipulate data in order to mitigate the dangerous effects of their herbicide!

Major Class Action Lawsuit Against Monsanto!

As of 2018, Monsanto could be potentially facing lawsuits by tens of thousands of victims for contracting non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and other similar forms of cancer from exposure to Roundup®. As of June, 2017, more than 1100 plaintiffs had already filed lawsuits pending in both state and federal courts.

The law suit (please click link) naming Monsanto and Scotts Miracle Grow as defendants, specifically claims that consumers were deceived by misleading and erroneous information regarding the safety of Roundup®!