The Dragon Has Roared!

Financial Analyst, Neil M. Pine Has Issued a Major Sell Signal on the Chinese Hang Seng Stock Exchange and Other World Markets!

On 9/10/2017, Neil M. Pine published an article entitled “The Dragon Will Roar,” where he had predicted a major rally coming in the Hang Seng that would represent a leading indicator for the other world indices. At that time the Hang Seng stood at 27,668 with an all-time record high of approx. 31,440, previously set in 2007. In this article, Mr. Pine had forecast that within an 8 month period, the Chinese Hang Seng would rally to astronomical levels of from 34-37,000. As of January of 2018, the Hang Seng Index had reached an historic all time record high at approx. 33,430, up a whopping 5670 points or over 20% in only 4 months! However, even though this was an all-time record, it still fell short of Mr. Pine’s forecast, missing the lower parameter of his projection by only 2%. The article states that within 8 months this target would be reached, but after only 4 months, Mr. Pine concedes that he believes the market has already peaked. Mr. Pine boldly states that “The party’s over!”

Furthermore, Mr. Pine expects to see this decline last for 3-4years, eventually taking the index down to roughly 11-12.000, or a loss of approx. 60% from its high! This activity should also hold true for the other world markets.

(Refer to link below for 9/10/2017 article)

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