The Dragon Is Roaring!

Once Again, NEIL M. PINE (Financial Analyst), Has Accurately Forecasted the World Markets!



(This is a follow up article to our exclusive article published on Sept 10th)

On Sept. 10th, Neil M. Pine: Senior Technical Analyst for Reliance Management LLC, and formally a Federally Registered Investment Advisor, published his exclusive article in Jet Setting Magazine, stating that the Chinese Hang Seng Index would lead the world markets to record levels. Only 5 weeks later, the Hang Seng Index has rocketed to new 10 year highs, up as much as 1200 points from Mr. Pine’s forecast!

Furthermore, Mr. Pine stated that the Chinese Market would be a leading indicator to the other world markets. Since that time, The London FTSE, German DAX, and U.S. stock Indices, have just reached new all-time record highs! On 8/22/16, Mr. Pine made an incredible forecast, stating, that by early 2018, the NASDAQ Index would reach a nose bleed level of between 6500-7000! As of today, 10/20/17, the NASDAQ has just reached an all-time record at 6640, up almost a whopping 30% in only 14 mo.!

The Chinese market has just made a new 10 year high at approx. 28,800. However, Mr. Pine prognosticates a movement in this index which will not only challenge the all-time record levels at the 31,400, but will also break through this milestone to reach 34-37,000 before it peaks!

Special Note: (Once again Mr. Pine would like to reiterate that Trump’s policies and his administration have little or nothing to do with the current strength that the U.S. and world markets are experiencing. Mr. Pine had already made his NASDAQ forecast 6 mo. before Trump was elected. The world stock markets are driven by highly capitalized multinational corporate entities. Every U.S. president merely inherits the current economic cycle which is prevalent at the time of their tenure. Therefore, Mr. Pine will not attribute the current market strength to President Trump, however, he shall not blame him either, when the market crashes in 2018, as he had previously forecasted in 2016)