Vegan author gets BOGUS veggie burger!

    veggie burger

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                                DECEIVES VEGANS!


This is Neil M. PineVegan author of The Conscious, Journalist and Administrator for non-profit org., War on Waste.

The first thing I do when I go to any non-vegan restaurant, is introduce myself and make it very clear that I’m  a vegan and also author of a vegan book. I don’t want any animal products in my food, reiterating that this means no milk, cream, butter, eggs, cheese, etc.

I was out on business and didn’t have time to find a vegan restaurant or health store. Someone said that theHamburger Habit had a veggie burger. So I went there and introduced myself, as I previously stated, letting them know about my dietary preference. They told me it was vegan and then I immediately reiterated; are you sure? No cheese, milk etc..? They told me no! Then every other location I went to all told me the same thing, so I took it for granted. What do I have to do, hire a Private Investigator just to get something to eat? Can’t anyone give me a straight answer?

I must admit that I feel pretty stupid for not demanding to read the ingredients from their packaging or web site, but eating there was a second thought as I had serious business meetings to contend with. So after this, due to being purely out of convenience, I had intermittently gone to 4 other locations and probably had visited their establishments at least 7 times in total. So finally, to my chagrin, I found out the hard way, that the veggie burger was not vegan!

I had previously made it very clear that I wanted NO cheese or mayo on anything or any dressing which may be adulterated with such. So after I started to eat it, I noticed that taste of mayo and then opened my sandwich and saw it in the form of a honey mustard dressing that I had already told them to leave off every time. But it was lucky for me this time, because when I complained, the manager walked up and said “These burgers are not vegan anyway!” I said, “Really? I thought that I had made myself very clear about my dietary preferences every time I come here?”

Besides my devout vegan doctrine, this journalist is also lactose intolerant, but honestly I didn’t get any allergic reaction. This was due to the vegetable patty only being processed with a miniscule amount of cheese. However, even though I didn’t get sick, I was still exposed to the hormones, pus, blood, antibiotics, pesticide residue, and even (as I have written about), radiation which becomes imbued in modern dairy products today! Some people just don’t like to be poisoned in any amount, and especially in a negligent or even surreptitious manner!

It is this author’s contention that the ingestion of dairy products impugns a person’s immune system, and is host to a myriad of disabling and catastrophic illness, leading to long term respiratory conditions, obesity, osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s! Read chapter 25: Dairy, Dirty, Dangerous, Dysfunctional and Disgusting, from my book The Conscious Planet.

Furthermore, If a Moslem person (WHO EATS MEAT ANYWAY), makes it clear every time they go to any restaurant that they didn’t eat pork, and then found out after eating there 7 times that they had been given pork every time, then wouldn’t they be screaming bloody murder and probably sue the place (EVEN THOUGH THEY STILL EAT DEAD FLESH!), but because WE are VEGAN, these restaurants totally disrespect US, don’t take US seriously and maybe will even lie to US in order to get OUR business! And to add insult to injury, after I had complained to the main office, they sent me a $50 gift card, instead of offering to refund my $ back, which was probably more than $50! What an insult! I sent their gift card right back! It’s not about money anymore! I’m just wondering how many sincere vegans that they have been poisoning, lying to and defiling with their BOGUS burgers!

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