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The Wonderful Secret Hide Away of Romantic NorthWesterners . . .

Story by: Larry Restalrig-Logan Images Courtesy of Salish Lodge & Spa Just 23 short, mostly freeway, miles east of Sea-Tac airport, hidden in the beautiful mountains of Washington is the Salish Lodge and Spa. No matter if you are day tripping on a tour of the great local wineries and…


Meet our new contributing writer from the Netherlands, Chuck Borden.

We are sure you will enjoy checking in from time to time to see and hear about his adventures around the world… I know here at Jetsetting, we can’t wait to hear about what it’s like to be a Stuntman, and Stunt Coordinator… and find where it takes him. This…


Take a Hike with Mike up Bonanza Peak Trail in Nevada

Story by Mike Russell, Judy Suing, Public Affairs Officer, USFS and Annice Ellis, Landscape Architect, USFS, photographs Mike Russell and courtesy of USFS. A challenging hike from the bottom of 10,377 ft Bonanza Peak to the top is an altitude gain of approximately 2,800 ft. (UFS1: According to our Visitor…


Fun is Flying the Las Vegas Strip

Story and photographs by Mike Russell Fun is Flying the Las Vegas Strip Story and photographs by Mike Russell One sunny bright day, not too long ago, I jumped into a helicopter and buckled myself in, put on the headset and took out my camera and readied myself to tour…


Visit Getty Villa, Malibu California

The elegance of Greek, Roman, and Etruscan antiques are there for you to see at the J. Paul Getty villa in Malibu, California, right off of Pacific Coast Highway, just north of Santa Monica. We flew over it in our helicopter a few months ago and enjoyed seeing its aerial…



Story by Mike Russell and Photographs by Greg Hunter of the Argyle Agency Meet Lara Haworth. She is a sexy, athletic, smart and funny Ohio transplant living in sunny Florida for the past 13 years.