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A new super-detailed hydrogen map of the Milky Way could help explain the mystery of how galaxies form Thursday.-long HI4PI project, which used the world’s largest steerable radio telescopes, provides an in-depth view of all the hydrogen gas in and around the galaxy that contains our solar system.

“We’ve basically put together a very complex map of hydrogen gases associated with our own Milky Way,” Australian team leader Naomi McClure-Griffiths, a professor from the Australian National University,reported.



Scientists have created the first detailed map of the Milky Way using two of the world’s largest radio telescopes.

The 100 metre Max-Planck radio telescope in Germany and the 64 metre CSIRO radio telescope in Australia were commissioned for the study to produce the HI4PI map of our galaxy.

The project analysed neutral atomic hydrogen – the most abundant element in space and the main component of stars and galaxies – and required more than one million individual observations and 10 billion data points.


“Hydrogen is the most basic element, it’s what everything is made from, and what we have achieved will help us understand better how galaxies form.”

The study used telescopes in Parkes, Australia and Effelsberg, Germany to map neutral hydrogen, the most abundant element in space and the main component of stars and galaxies.

It revealed for the first time the fine details of structures between stars in the Milky Way.


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