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The Conscious Planet: A Vision of Sustainability, Peace & Prosperity by Neil M Pine:

From CHAPTER 6, Pollution: (Livestock, Petrochemicals, Heavy Metals, Fluorides, Dioxins, and PCBs)

Manure Spills and Dead Zones:
There are approximately 1.5 billion cattle on the planet excluding other forms of livestock, each one being responsible for forty pounds of manure per day. People say that manure is a necessary component for agriculture.

While there may be some validity to this statement, there is also truth to the fact that approximately 29 trillion pounds of manure is created annually on a worldwide basis. “Either Bandini Mountain is getting taller, or this planet is getting smaller.”

Statistically speaking, the production of livestock is responsible for twice the pollution of all industrial pollution combined!

The disaster which befell Western Hungary—where caustic red sludge killed 9, injured 150, and caused property damage over a 15.6 square mile area, forcing evacuations—should be a wakeup call for the United States according to Alan Farnham of ABC News who states that “the Biggest U.S. industrial accident may be waiting to happen.”

Due to industrial farming practices, huge buildups of animal waste have accumulated in amounts of up to tens of millions of gallons to form dead zones. Statistically, these dead zones double every decade. The imbuement and containment of all this waste has been an ongoing problem for decades and is threatening the planet’s fresh water resources, reserves, and wildlife habitats. In the United States, many of these dead zones have been culminating over the years from Oregon to Chesapeake Bay. Here are a few significant examples.

North Carolina, 25-Million-Gallon Hog Feces Spill:

Manure pollution has been responsible not only for global trouble but also for serious domestic problems. Historically, some of these industrial sewage dams have failed. One such manure reservoir failure, also referred to as manure lagoons, took place in 1995, in North Carolina, spilling approximately 22 million gallons of hog feces into the local watershed. This spill eventually infiltrated the New River, killing thousands of fish, before going on to pollute 364,000 acres of coastal wetlands. [5] Louisiana, 8,000-Square-Mile Manure Lagoon:

One of the largest manure spills in U.S. history took place in Louisiana and still encompasses 8,000 square miles! This is equivalent to a car taking a six-hour drive around the perimeter at an average speed of 60 MPH! Or if there were a bridge, it would take one and a half hours to drive across it at 60 MPH. However, “hold your breath,” if it were possible to traverse across this dead zone, then you would not be able to breathe; all oxygen has been consumed! A person attempting this would die of asphyxiation without proper artificial breathing apparatus.
[6]—(Neil M Pine) TheConsciousPlanet.org

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