The Case of Florence Pine!…

The Case of Florence Pine: Mother of Neil M. Pine, author of The Conscious Planet


How She Beat Cancer Without Surgery, Radiation or Chemo Therapy!

Mrs. Florence Pine, who will turn 100 on 1/1/2018, was diagnosed with a lung tumor at the age of 86. Despite recommendations for surgery, She Refused! She utilized the information from her son’s book The Conscious Planet, and Beat Cancer! (See Chapters 21-23) The surgeon even had the gall to call her stubborn for refusing to be operated on, which could have been extremely dangerous, if not fatal! Today, she is still living a healthy life following her son’s regimen.

(Refer to fig. 1-5 below)

(Fig. 1.)3/5/2004


“She is very strongly against surgery. We will try and relay this to Dr. Fauzia Khan, to see if she has any influence on this lady. Again, I have stressed more aggressive means of removing this tumor.” — (Elton Katagihara, M.D.)
(Fig 2.) 5/28/2004


“…the patient has elected to wait, despite the recommendations to go ahead to remove the tumor. The patient in the past has been very against doing surgery.” — (Elton Katagihara, M.D.)
(Fig 3.) 5/28/2004


To this day, Florence Pine takes NO prescription or over the counter drugs. Not even aspirin

(Fig. 4) 6/7/2004


“Carcinoma: A type of cancer”

(Fig. 5) 12/7//2011

“There are no abnormal hilar masses or abnormal mediastinal adenopathy. The lung is clear. No chest wall lesions are identified.” “No new pulmonary densities are evident” “No abnormal mediastinal adenopathy”

Mrs. Pine turns 100 years old on 1/1/2018!


Florence Pine, who is living testimony to the powerful benefits of this literature, is a macrobiotic vegan, takes NO prescription or over the counter drugs, still does her own taxes, and walks 3 miles every day to get her wheat grass juice! She was formally listed in the publication, “Who’s Who in California” for all her charitable work.

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