Phoenix Stanna, 2008 Miss Newport Beach

INTERVIEW BY PHOENIX STANNA, former Miss Newport Beach.

This is an interview with Stephanie Di Brizzi and CRYSTAL THERAPY!

During my pregnancy with Bettie Gene my third trimester was actually the toughest and most painful. The extra weight made my fee swell. It was hard to walk or move. Overall it wasn’t my favorite time.

There are some answers however.  Crystal Therapy and salt baths can be an alternative to assist you if you chose this avenue. Some people think this is a new age idea, but actually it has been a pain relieving method for centuries.

Today I sat down with Stephanie Di Brizzi, a certified Crystal Therapist. She is owner of “The Chakra Stop” an online retail jewelry store. She also sells at a few stores in Los Angeles.

Phoenix: Why did you start in the business of Crystal Therapy and crystal jewelry?

Stephanie: That’s a long story that I’m going to make short. I was raised Catholic and taught to believe in the teachings of the Church and the Lord, but my grandma was able to heal in different ways.   She (grandma) used prayer, but it was a metaphysical way of healing with energy and her hands. It was all I saw growing up so it made me a believer.  It’s something that a lot of the more mature Italian women were taught to do. But it’s dying out. I don’t want that much of an effective way of healing to die out. So, in 2009 I was diagnosed with a rare condition called Pseudo Tumor Cerebri.  It’s a condition that causes an overwhelming amount of spinal fluid to build up in your spinal cord and head.  This can cause blindness and excruciating pain amongst other horrible things.  Going through that was horrific for me.  I had to have 14spinal taps that year to remove the fluid and I spent most of the year in the hospital.

I refused to let it defeat me, so I started going to acupuncture and researching crystal therapy.  I spent most of my night sleeping with an amethyst crystal on my head, and a salt crystal behind my back, all to relieve the headaches and pain.

It actually worked and then made me more of a believer.  So, in 2010 once I was in remission, I took classes on crystal therapy and the chakras, passed them all  and became certified.  Now I’ve dedicated my life to healing and helping others; also creating jewelry pieces that have metaphysical healing properties, but also look unique and beautiful.

Phoenix: How does using crystal therapy affect women and their health?

Stephanie: To understand that you need to understand how each Chakra point affects you. The first Chakra draws down spiritual energy and grounds us in the physical world.  It is related to the physical processes of reproduction and excretion and to the various guilt and fear complexes associated with them.

Phoenix: What are your suggestions using crystal therapy for soon-to-be mothers in their third trimester suffering from pregnancy pains?

Stephanie: Having a crystal therapy session during your third trimester can be extremely helpful. Your body changes so much during pregnancy. Your emotions go haywire and you start to feel pains and pressure in parts of your body that you never knew could hurt.

During a crystal therapy session I play meditation music that helps to soothe you and align your chakras. I also do my best to calm you and ease your pain by coaching your breathing and helping you do a simple guided meditation with focus on certain colors.  Your eyes are closed and you are lying in a comfortable position. Once the crystals are placed on your chakra points you should start to feel some relief. As the session continues you feel you feel like weights have been lifted, physically and emotionally. Your chakras should definitely be aligned before you go into labor.  It should help immensely with the labor, but also the transition into motherhood.

Phoenix: Are there any crystals that you suggest for new moms?

Stephanie: Oh yes!  MOONSTONE!  Moonstone is amazing for women who are trying to become pregnant, are trying to become pregnant, are trying to nourish themselves and the baby during pregnancy, for a smooth delivery and speedy recovery after birth.

Here more: Grab a moonstone when you need to feel balanced or are changing aspects in your life.  It brings through awareness and provides the energy to sustain you through stages of growth.  It is a highly intuitive stone that allows self-expression and creativity to your energy flow.  You can carry it to provide protection while traveling and as a bringer of good fortune. Moonstone eliminates all of the cloudiness, presenting you with only truth. Bestowing purity and connection to the Divine, it softens and enhances your capability  for giving and receiving, and supports your emotional life.

(Phoenix Stanna’s interview with Stephanie Di Brizzi will continue in the New Year 2014) quik-read news

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