Demos Channeling $Millions to Fight TrumpCare!

Image: Pelosi and Schumer Slam GOP's 'Trumpcare' Plan and Vow Tough Fight

Leftist Top Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi took to Twitter Tuesday to rip the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, dubbing it “Trumpcare” and vowing that the party would fight the White House on the proposal. All this activity and negativity over the plan Pelosi commanded the House to votet in first and then afterwords read what it says. All accomplished at a late hour when most citizens were asleep. Pelosi’s super sneak attack on Americans.

Demos fundraising groups Daily Kos, Swing Left, and ActBlue Going Crazy to Raise $millions to Fight TrumpCare passed by House Thursday, May 4th. 

Following the passage of the American Healthcare Act on Thursday, Democrats expressed outrage at House Republicans — online, in person, and at the bank.

In a joint statement released Friday, Democratic fundraising groups Daily Kos, Swing Left, and ActBlue reported that they raised a combined $2 million Thursday following the passage of the bill that would roll back President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law.

“Americans are horrified that congressional Republicans just voted to take away their health care, and that’s kindled real anger—anger that the Daily Kos community is channeling with record-breaking donations at unheard-of speed,” Daily Kos Political Director David Nir said in a statement.


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