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GMO’S – -(Part 2 of a 3 part series)

…Implications of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)…

Information You Really Need To Know

By Neil M. Pine, author of THE CONSCIOUS PLANET

French Research Study:

In September of 2012, a French research team published conclusive evidence, in a U.S. peer reviewed  journal, exposing the highly dangerous effects of GMOs and Roundup! Thanks to Monsanto, GMOs have permeated the very fiber of our society! In America today, the majority of non-organic corn, soy, cotton, and  sugar beets, are all genetically modified! In this study, rats fed GMO corn developed large tumors!


Russian Biologist Documents Sterility in Hamsters Fed GM Soy!

Russian biologist, Alexey V. Surov, has uncovered conclusive evidence of a connection between sterility and a dramatic rise in infant mortality rates, from hamsters fed GM soy!

By the 3rd generation, most GM soy fed hamsters lost their ability to have babies!” (Alexey V. Surov) [7]

The Conscious Planet Cutting Edge You Tube Video with Dr. Greger on the Serious Dangers of GMOs!

In this 2014 video, Dr. Greger substantiated research which documented that GMOs and their counterpart “Roundup Ready,” are highly toxic and adversely affect cell tissue, citing one study using human placenta! He also refers to a study which examined the long term effects of GMO crop contamination.

Globally, as of 2011, Roundup Ready G.M. soybeans represented 75% of total soy production! In the preliminary stage of this study, researchers found that levels of “Roundup” sprayed on soybean crops, had been exceedingly high as compared to the maximum allowable residue levels. At that time, the legal limit for glyphosates (The active ingredient in Roundup), was set at only .1 to .2 milligrams per K.G. During this test, it was discovered that the legal limit for herbicide residues were exceeded by up to 2000%! Conventional non GMO and organic soy products, contain NONE of these dangerous toxins!

And what was Monsanto’s response to these extremely hazardous levels of pesticide residues? Did they decide to follow the legal guidelines under the Health and Safety code, set forth by the USDA and the FDA? The action they took next can only be described as being at the height of criminal negligence!

In the face of documented research, which exposes the serious nature of Roundup, Monsanto, with all their power, was successfully able to circumvent all accountability, by influencing the authorities to actually raise the safety limits of their deadly herbicide residues by 20,000%! No type o; twenty thousand!

In 2004, Brazil increased its limit for Roundup herbicide residues by 5000%, from .2 mg per K.G., to 10 mg per K.G. Even more significant, was Europe and the U. S., which in 1999, increased this toxic residue standard by a full 20,000%, from .1 mg to 20 mg per K.G.! In this way, those old readings don’t look so high anymore, do they! Now on top of all this, making it legal to use 200 times more Roundup would also dramatically increase sales!

The acceptance level of glyphosates in food and feed, i.e. the maximum residue level (MLR) has been increased by authorities in countries where Roundup Ready GM crops are produced or where such commodities are imported.”

In addition, Dr. Greger points out, that it’s not so much the active ingredient in Roundup (Glyphosates), that makes it so toxic, but rather the Surfactants and Adjuvants which comprise this deadly cocktail, also known as Roundup Ready! It was found that this herbicide was 125 times more toxic than the active ingredient (Glyphosate), itself, but when Monsanto refers to their research, they only tested this active ingredient by itself to justify their safety findings!

Roundup Ingredients:

Here is a List of What You’re Actually Consuming in Your Food if You Eat Major Brand Name or Fast Food Products, or Eat Non Organic Soy, Corn, or Processed Sweeteners

The active ingredient is Isopropylamine salt of glyphosate, along with a variety of chemicals used as a catalyst to activate the glyphosates. Besides the glyphosates, this toxic formulation may also include Ammonium Sulfate, Benzisothiazolone, 5-chloro-2-methyl 3(2H)-2-Propynyl Butylcarbarnate, Isobutane, Isopropylamine, Light Aromatic Petroleum Distilate, Methyl P-Hydroxy-Benzoate, Methyl Pyrro-Lidinone, Pelargonic Acid, Polyethoxylated Tallowamine or Alkylamine (POEA), Potassium Hydroxide, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Salt of O-Phenylphenol, and sorbic acid.


Documentaries by Jeffery Smith: Executive Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology

According to Mr. Smith “a powerful new technique for generating supercharged GMOs that could spread rapidly in the wild, has caused alarm among scientists who fear that it may be misused accidentally or deliberately and cause a health emergency or environmental disaster!”

How was Monsanto Able to Achieve this Wanton Disregard for all Public Safety Worldwide?

In coercion with this sinister plot were Monsanto’s “Good Old Boys,” the notorious Codex Alementarius Commission! Even the name sounds austere and foreboding. The roots of this organization are shocking, stemming from a precept of global eugenics and world domination!

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