WHY? About Stephen Paddock, Las Vegas Killer!


Why did one human being create so much grief for so many other human beings? From what we know about the Las Vegas mass killer, Stephen Paddock, appeared to be an intelligent person. What we know about his past was for the most part very negative.

His father Benjamin Paddock was on the FBI’s Most Wanted list for many years.

Not knowing how old he was at the time the killings occurred remains to be seen. As an adult Stephen apparently suffered an injury at a casino after which he filed a law suit. The court decided against Paddock, in favor of the casino.

Most people become stronger in the face of an upheaval in their life, while others feel they have been wronged and resentment grows as time goes on. Some may reach a point where they feel the need to show how they were wronged. Their twisted minds will reach a point of no return. The results are usually very traumatic.

Stephen Paddock apparently chose to keep his thoughts to himself. The end result was tragic beyond belief. But at what point do we focus on preventing such tragedies?

Will we ever learn from the not so distant past? Half of the inmates in our prisons are mentally ill. Our prisons have become warehouses for the mentally ill. This fact is one of our nation’s darkest secrets. How can we solve such a major issue in our nation if we continue to stick our heads in the sand?  Somehow someday we must come to terms with this tragedy. Hopefully soon.