Ill-Famed News Opinionist George Will Tramps Trump!



Story from U.S. News:

What can the public do about a President who doesn’t seem to know anything? Keep talking about all of his mistakes.

Longtime conservative columnist George Will published an article Wednesday night in which he called upon the public to contact their representatives to express their concerns about Trump, who he says has a “combination of impulsivity and credulity” that makes him “uniquely unfit to take the nation into a military conflict.”

“It is urgent for Americans to think and speak clearly about President Trump’s inability to do either. This seems to be not a mere disinclination but a disability. It is not merely the result of intellectual sloth but of an untrained mind bereft of information and married to stratospheric self-confidence,” he wrote.

Editor’s Note: Sounds like Will has been paid off to talk nasty about our president.  Will has criticized almost everything conservative although has received awards for being conservative. One wonders if he is a grand part of “FAKE NEWS” while saying he is one thing and chants and rants the other way. For example:

Will was also a harsh and early critic of both Sarah Palin and John McCain‘s 2008 election campaign. He criticized Palin’s understanding of the role of the Vice President and her qualifications for that role.

In late 2011, as the 2012 Republican Party presidential primaries approached, Will said that front runner Newt Gingrich “embodies almost everything disagreeable about modern Washington“, and described him as “the classic rental politician.

While speaking at Yale University on January 17, 2013, Will criticized conservative commentator Ann Coulter, labeling her an “enemy” to conservatives’ pursuit of an intellectual brand.

In a 2013 interview with Reason Magazine writers Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch, Will said his views have gradually but steadily become more libertarian

George Will’s story in Washington Post (Leftist Newspaper) “People must let their representatives know just how dangerous this man is.”

Editor’s Notes: Will is obviously the Fox in the Soros hen house as well as being part of the Washington D.C. “Swamp”.


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