Is History Repeating Itself?


First Published in Jet Setting Magazine in November 7, 2010

       I still remember Hitler shouting from the podium, looking down at the masses.  Did he have a public address system?  Or was it necessary for him to shout in order to be heard just as Obama does before being elected president.                                                                                                                                   

       Obama has the best public address system that technology has created, yet he also looks down at the “unwashed masses” as we are known, and he shouts.  It is human nature to respond to and obey someone who is speaking from an elevated position.  Hitler made unrealistic promises and so did Obama.  Hitler was known as one of the world’s be orators and so has Obama. Hitler made unrealistic promises, so does Obama. Once has to conclude that Obama is even more generous with your tax money and promises of tax cuts. He is even more generous than Hitler. Hitler didn’t have 66; 498 pages of a tax code.  I think Obama is not even aware of its content, nor does he care since he has your money to spread around.

       Hitler came out of nowhere.  And just when Germany was at its lowest point he dangled carrots.  So does Obama. Is this scenario contrived? Why does Nancy Pelosi, and her partners in crime, never keep a promise made when they took over congress? Why did the democratic congress shut their eyes to all the corruption on their watch? Who really contrived the collapse of Wall Street?  Why has voter fraud flourished so brazenly and openly for the past several years.  How long has main stream media been in collusion with the powers that be?  We have been told to be politically correct.  When were we told and by whom?  When and who told us we could no longer tell a joke about an individual, race, or a politician, and laugh at ourselves?

       When I was growing up in Bavaria I told a joke about Hitler that had repercussions for me and my family.  Is this the beginning of suppression of free speech in the United States of America?

       The economy is probably at its lowest level right now.  Americans are spending money, yet the purchase of guns has dramatically increased.  Why?  Do the American people feel they need to protect their families from the Left, or do they think this might be their last chance to buy a gun?

         I feel 9/11 was  the real beginning and the perfect opportunity to continue to take our rights away by

passing the Patriot Act, which most law makers didn’t even read before it was passed. But we, the unwashed masses, believed this was necessary. We Americans remember, but we never react.  Once the German people realized what Hitler had in mind for the country it was too late to revolt: the books, free speech, and our guns were gone.

       I  traveled this road before.  My life under Hitler made me aware of every curve, every warning sign along the road that we the people have traveled in past decades.  We must stop this car before it is too late! We don’t have time to allow history to repeat itself. This is the last chance we will ever have again to save our country, our democracy for future generations and into infinity.

        I was 13-years old when World War II ended I have never forgotten, but the experience has taught me to react.  America react before it is too late!

        We have all the answers we need to keep us on the right course, but one question is still unanswered.  What is Obama?  Is he a Trojan Horse, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a chameleon, or worse?  In 479 B.C. Confucius said, “An oppressive government is far worse than a man-eating tiger.”  Americans!  Stop the car before it is too late!  Make the right decision while you still can!


         About the Author:  Gina Wagner, she was born in the Bavarian alps of southern Germany and immigrated to the United States in 1950 as a war bride.  She has three children, four grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.  She is a founding member of General Patton Memorial Museum, at Chiriaco Summit, California, since 1988.  Mrs. Wagner worked in security for the Minute-Man Program at TRW; was Vice President, a watchdog organization to keep government corruption in check, and to obtain government  grants to assist underprivileged American students.

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