Protesters Storm London Town Hall After Tower Fire Kills 30!


Protesters stormed a town hall in west London clamoring for answers and chanting “we want justice” as the death toll from a fire in a residential tower block rose to 30 with dozens of residents missing.

Tensions were running high as a crowd of about 100 people gathered outside the council building of Kensington and Chelsea on Friday afternoon, before dozens of them burst into the foyer of the building, where police formed a cordon to stop them going upstairs, BBC footage showed. Later, people were banging angrily on the now-closed glass doors of the hall.

One of the protest leaders, who identified himself to the cameras as Mustafa, called for calm and read out a statement from the council providing some answers to demands for immediate rehousing in the area and financial compensation. As he took a megaphone to speak, protesters could be heard shouting “not 17,” a reference to an earlier death toll.

Some locals have said that the authorities are understating the extent of the tragedy.


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