Is Gov Brown Really the Green Goblin?

Is California Gov. Jerry BROWN  Really the GREEN GOBLIN?

Article by Financial Analyst, Neil M. Pine  

Everyone knows that Jerry Brown is a Lame Duck in more ways than one, but this doesn’t begin to describe the wholesale corruption being disseminated by this 21st century Grinch!  

            (This article is not about being Right or Left, but about what is clearly Right and Wrong!) 




Jerry Brown wants to tax us to death, and to add insult to injury, he has publicly labeled the hard working California tax payers who don’t support his preposterous new 104 billion dollar gas tax (over the next 20 years), as “Freeloaders!” This is besides all the other BAD Pork Barrel projects he has in the pipeline like Universal Health Care, the Sanctuary State, enormous Pay Raises for City and Gov. Employees with Under Funded Pension Debt increasing by 2000%, and last but not least, his infamous Bullet Train to Nowhere Project! 


1.)  Senator Josh Newman and Governor Jerry Brown’s Disastrous Gas Tax Bill

This bill was passed in the senate with virtually no warning to the public! California already has the highest gas tax in the nation and over 80% of this tax, (money that was supposed to be used to fix the roads), was diverted to other projects! We were Ripped Off! Now, Brown promises to address these issues in this new bill, but according to publications such as the San Diego Reader, the San Diego Union Tribune and San Diego City Councilman and KOGOradio talk show host, Carl DeMaio, this new money will also be improperly allocated. The new bill lacks provisions to guarantee how the money will be spent. On top of this, California has just incurred a record 126 billion dollar income from the sale of treasury bonds, but ironically, none of this money was earmarked toward road repair! You just can’t trust these bureaucrats period!

According to Mr. DeMaio, who has initiated the recall effort to stop this new tax, “The money is being spent with virtually zero accountability for fixing the roads!” This gas tax is estimated to cost the average California family $350-$700 per year! Furthermore, whatever little money that is actually used to fix our roads is currently beingsquandered! That’s right, statistics don’t lie; for every one dollar spent fixing the roads in the other 49 states of the U.S., $4.70 is spent in California for the same amount of work! This is preposterous and there can be no logical excuse for such grafting and corruption! How can the entire 49 other states only charge 1 dollar for what cost $4.70 inCalifornia? 470% more than any other state in America! No wonder we have the worst roads in the nation! And YOU,the California taxpayer, according to Gov. Brown, are a Freeloader  for not supporting this fraudulent gas tax bill, not the millions of illegal immigrants, welfare recipients and homeless people collecting free legal aid, education, medical, housing and food! 

Really? Well, the hardworking, taxpaying freeloaders of California have had enough and are demanding a recall ofBrown’s puppet, the fledgling, pseudo senator, Josh Newman, who initiated this egregious gas tax bill! By kicking him out of office, then this would (under the rules of our California state constitution), repeal this ridiculous bill by voiding the 2/3 house majority rule! The Senate Appropriations Committee was completely insane for passing this bill in the first place! Don’t let them get away with this! Everyone get busy! Please sign the petition or get involved in this effort to recall state senator Josh Newman! It is surprising that no one is demanding Gov. Brown’s recall! 

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Sign Up: Pledge To Help The Campaign to Repeal the Car Tax!

Read more: nair/the-demaio-report-56776/j oin-the-campaign-t… itics-government/capitol-alert /article145349124.html

Blatant Political Demagoguery by Gov. Jerry Filibuster-Brown and the California State Legislature in Order to Block all Recall Efforts!

·         Passes an Illegal and Unconstitutional Senate Bill to Block Recall Efforts!

·         Pays $100K to Hired Goons to Harass, Intimidate and Disrupt Signature Takers!

·         Attempts to Reverse Laws of Transparency Which Limit Campaign Contributions by Individuals or Corporations to Only $1000 in Order to Protect Josh Newman!

·         Sen. Josh Newman Has Personally filed a Frivolous Lawsuit Against the Original 40 People who Initiated This Recall! 

San Diego, City Councilmen, Carl DeMaio has documented the antics of our pharisaical Gov. Brown and his stooge minion, Senator, Josh Newman, who are actually sending out real thugs to bully signature takers, and making false police reports in order to disrupt the recall efforts. They even went as far as following signature gatherers door to door, and when the signature taker would go to a resident and knock on the door in order to request a signature to block this gas tax, these big, intimidating, hired goons would be standing there yelling, so most people would just shut their doors.

Furthermore, solid evidence according to City Councilmen, Carl DeMaio, substantiates that 100K was raised at an event by Newman and Brown in order to pay off these hired goons, who reportedly are not even citizens of California!Mr. DeMaio has researched these individuals and found that most of them are from Colorado. Many videos have been taken to confirm this harassment and have been posted on Mr. DeMaio’s website along with other sources of media such as the KFI 640 AM radio website via The John and Ken Show. (Here is another link to one such video) v=1F3phODl0g4 As of July the 1st, more than 85,000 of the 63,592 signatures required were registered! No wonder Brown and his cohorts are pulling such shenanigans, they are all desperate and on the ropes!

In an article published by San Diego Reader: Dems pass retroactive bill to block recall of state senator Newman: Jerry Brown transfers $100k to help intimidate signature gatherers

(June 23rd), by Ken Harrison, it states that “San Diego’s AM 600 KOGO’s radio talk show host, Carl DeMaio, appears to have Governor Brown and the Democratic-controlled state legislature nervous.” 

According to Councilman DeMaio, this new senate bill is surreptitious and totally unconstitutional! It represents political demagoguery to the highest order in that it would effectively block or tie up all recall efforts with bureaucratic red tape, indefinitely! Councilmen DeMaio is filing a class action law suit on behalf of the petitioners and the citizens of California in order to overthrow efforts to stop this recall. This new law is Bogus, in that it was passed after all the 65,000 required signatures were registered! In fact, just to be on the safe side, they had over 85,000! “It is illegal to change the rules after the fact!”

In an even more desperate attempt to exonerate himself from this recall, Josh Newman has also filed a frivolouslawsuit against the original 40 petitioners that initiated this recall, which includes three students from Cal. State Fullerton, who were all merely exercising their constitutional rights under California state law. The basis for his argument is that people were coerced, misled or didn’t know what they were signing. However, to Mr. Newman’schagrin it’s obvious to even a third grader, that by signing the petition, then it would recall Senator Newman, and therefore automatically break the 2/3 majority rule which would invalidate this wretched gas tax! How stupid does he think people are?  

And finally, the bureaucrats have pushed it one step farther! They are using every dirty trick in the book in order to rob us! Those charlatans in Sacramento leave no stone unturned when it comes to fleecing the hard working California tax payers out of trillions of dollars! The state legislature is currently trying to pass a bill which would supersede state law by allowing unlimited campaign contributions. They are completely hypocritical of their own policies which (under their own guidelines, in order to inhibit corruption and bring out transparency), limits individual or corporate campaign contributions for state senators to only $1,000. However, in a desperate attempt to protect Senator Josh Newman from recall, they are trying to pass legislature which would give him unlimited resources of cash contributions for the sole purpose of thwarting this recall effort! 

“Josh Newman is a pathological liar! He represents the epitome of what is wrong with Sacramento. He is desperately trying to hold on to power and bully his way past this recall”  (Councilman, Carl DeMaio

2.) Cap-And-Trade Program:

California’s Global Warming Solutions Act: AB 32

This journalist is also an environmental author and supports all efforts to protect the ecology. However, the Cap-And-Trade programis a convoluted system of trading carbon tax credits by corporations, and based on the legislators own flagrant past performances, this may be just another bureaucratic ploy  to steal our tax dollars. This is actually a hidden gas tax, and if you think the aforementioned gas tax, initiated by Senator Newman wasn’t expensive enough, then lets try an additional 63 cents a gallon raise at the pump on top of the Gas Tax. We should all hope that the state legislature will be conscientious enough to legitimately utilize this program in order to actually reduce emissions and someday make this state a better place to live for future generations. how-cap-and-trade-works

3.) The L.A. Dept. of Water and Power (DWP), with Billions in Unfunded Pensions Has One of the Most Powerful and Corrupt Labor Unions in the U.S.! 

Most of California’s previous gas tax went to pay all those ridiculously inflated government pensions and salaries, such as the (DWP), rather than to fix the roads! “Potholes don’t pay union dues!” This crooked government bureaucracy is completely out of control! The bureaucrats show no respect what so ever and even have the gall, after all this proposed profligate tax spending, to all give themselves 3% raises, including the Governor. Oh, but it doesn’t stop there! 

The L.A. Dept. of Water and Power (DWP) (whose workers are already ridiculously over paid), have just voted themselves a 12%-22% pay raise over the next 5 years! The average worker at the (DWP) already makes $136,000 a year with up to 90% pension benefits! Several supervisors make in excess of a half million a year! This all equates to billions and billions of dollars in unfunded pension debt for a bunch of lazy slobs who sleep in their trucks and go to strip bars on tax payer’s money!      

Is this is what we pay for?


Even generic (DWP) jobs such as custodians, garage attendants and security guards (with overtime), are earning in some cases, as much as the president of the U.S.! (Almost 200K!) For example, a security guard at the (DWP), as of 2016 made 288% more on average than their non (DWP) counterparts in the metropolitan L.A. area.  A (DWP)custodian will receive 340% more benefits than non (DWP) workers in L.A. 

This is outrageous! Just compare other states salaries for similar work and you would be flabbergasted! In the U.S., the average Janitor only earns $23,440 and most of them are without pensions.

Average Janitor Pay vs. Maids in the U.S

Maids and janitors have some overlapping duties, but the latter occupation is more lucrative. In 2015, the average salary for a maid ($20,740) was roughly $3,000 less than that of a janitor ($23,440).” 

Source: s/best-jobs/janitor/salary

Staggering Unfunded Pension Debt!

According to Stanford University economists, over the past 10 years, the unfunded pension debt in California, for state and city workers has risen exponentially by 2000% to over a trillion dollars! This is economically non-sustainable, and with any type of financial crisis our system would totally collapse! They should have had enough foresight to place safeguards into the plan which would initiate a 12%-22% pay cut if we were to go into a recession, which is long overdue! As you can see by the chart below, our economic stability for 2016 already received an F rating!!!



(This was before all these newly proposed taxes and pension increases went into effect)

 (fig. 1)                                                                         

Criminal Thugs like Former L.A. County Sherriff, Lee Baca Get to Keep Their Pensions?

Former L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca, convicted of Federal corruption and brutality by his deputies, will be forfeiting his freedom for 3 years, but there’s one thing he won’t be forfeiting and that’s his county pension!

What a corrupt system we live under when other civilian criminals in the private sector, who may not be half as nefarious as Baca, would be subject to seizures, fines or penalties and probably lose everything, while Baca can still earn a FAT pension sitting on hisFAT ass playing gin rummy! Think about it; we (the Freeloading tax payers), have to pay this brutal convicted thug almost $1,000 a day, besides his food, housing, medical and security while in prison!

In 2013, Reforms were enacted in order to strip pensions from public employees who commit job-related felonies. However, this will have little or no effect, on the roughly $328,000 annual benefit owed to Baca, who recently pleaded guilty to lying to federal officials investigating corruption and brutality by deputies at the Los Angeles County jail!


4.)                                      The Brown-doggle 

                                                  (THE HIGH SPEED RAIL SNAIL Project)  

This cockamamie Governor of ours also supports another egregious pork barrel project. The High Speed Rail was originally presented to the senate in 2009 with a 39 billion dollar budget, however, as of 2017, due to setbacks, rate hikes, environmental studies and county ordinances, this cost is estimated to run up to almost 100 billion so far! And the reason we say High Speed Snail, is due to the fact that certain counties will not permit the train to run at full speed. This will further impede and add to the non-viability of such a project, when a plane would not only be cheaper, but also much faster as well. Some parts of the rout would be up to 25% slower and when Gov. Brown was questioned into a corner about the viability, or lack thereof, of such a project, the best statement he could come up with was “I like trains!” 

It is unclear if a train that could take more than three hours to travel between San Francisco and Los Angeles would be a viable alternative to air travel or other methods–especially if many passengers must make their way through urban congestion to arrive at the stations. It is also unclear whether the Peer Review Panel’s interpretation of Proposition 1A is legally sound, or whether voters would have approved a slower train at all.”

(Joel B. Pollak) Breitbart News: 

5.)                                Illegal Immigration: (Sanctuary State) 

Illegal immigration currently costs California over 30 billion a year! Now, with California just being declared a Sanctuary State, then the costs of all these proposed liabilities will go exponential!

a.)    Medical

b.)    Housing

c.)     Education

d.)    Food stamps

e.)    Transportation  


By creating a Sanctuary State, the state and local police will no longer have jurisdiction to cooperate with the Feds in order to extradite dangerous criminals who have committed multiple violent crimes in California! Example: In the Sanctuary City of San Francisco, an innocent woman was shot to death by an illegal immigrant who had a multiple, violent criminal history. Also, under the jurisprudence of this Sanctuary State mandate, undocumented immigrants who have committed multiple violent and serious crimes would also qualify for free legal counsel. How is it possible that we have to pay for the legal defense of dangerous criminals who are not citizens of the U.S. and who have repeatedly committed serious crimes in California? They should be immediately deported instead of protected!

(It is NOT the contention of this journalist to deport undocumented citizens, but rather only the individuals who pose a threat to society!)  

http://www.nationaleconomicsed illegal-immigration- california/

 6.)                                                Homeless Haven:

Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, has allocated almost 1.8 billion to the homeless over the next 10 years! Besides the homeless Californians, not only are the illegal immigrants already costing the tax payers in California a fortune, but now with this new policy, we will have to pay for every homeless person in the country and the world!! After the senate declared California as a “Sanctuary State,” along with publicizing Garcetti’s new budget plan ( with all its perks and free services for the homeless and illegal immigrants), then why would anyone still want to be homeless in states or countries where there is extreme poverty or weather conditions? Therefore, with this new Sanctuary State bill along with Garcetti’splan, it will encourage and motivate indigent and homeless people from all over the nation and the world to seek refuge in California, and thus the creation of a pernicious welfare state! 

This is extremely disturbing news for any family who has struggled to live the California dream and just wants to maintain this legacy for their future generations. However, Gov. Brown and Mayor Garcetti don’t care about family values or their hard working citizen’s future. They would rather help dangerous felons, and then purposefully congest our already overcrowded roads by issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants (Amnesty program). The DMV has estimated that it will issue approx. 1.5 million new drivers licenses to undocumented aliens, and then on top of this, Mayor Garcetti has initiated a program to reduce our highway lanes from 4 down to 2 (Project Vision Zero), all to the dismay of the hard working California tax payers! 04/20/59781/garcetti-s-budget- proposal-homeless-spending-cou nt/

7.)                                                          Vision Zero: 

Instead of fixing the roads with tax dollars so it makes hard working people’s commute time better, Vision Zero is reducing thoroughfares down from 4 lanes down to 2, making it impossible for us working Freeloaders to make a living by adding hours and hours on to our commute time.Vision Zero program, initiated by Mayor, Eric Garcetti, and Councilmen, Mike Bonnan, is just like it says, with Zero Vision! Because, they must beblind not to see that people have to get to work and then try to make it home to take care of their children and pets. This policy places a huge burden upon already overcrowded rush-hour gridlock infrastructure! Is this what we pay our road taxes for, in order to add hours on to our commute and lower the quality of our life? 

I guess the Gov. and Mayor Garcetti, would like everyone to give up their cars and become homeless, because public transportation is just not geographically practical for the majority of working class people in L.A. CountyVision Zero is just another miserable ploy by the bureaucrats in order to try to get us out of our vehicles! People who work and pay taxes are being victimized by this insane policy! Practice what you preach right? The mayor himself, Gridlock Garcetti, would never be caught dead using public transportation. He has absolutely no sense of reality, being driven around all day in his limousine, while pretending he has a real job. Maybe we might have some more respect for him if he would start picking up people off the street in his stretch! garcetti-proposes-new-budget-b uilds-first-term-progress-and- charts-course-la%E2%80%99s- future

8.)    Sex Change Operations for Murderers in Prison with Our Tax Dollars? 

In an even more ludicrous and wanton use of our tax dollars, the state is actually paying for sex change operations for murderers in prison! We already don’t have enough money to pay for all the legitimate medical problems by the millions of illegitimate citizens and homeless people, but now we will pay $50,000 for a sex change operation for a murderer in prison, when there was no life threatening or pending medical condition to make such a procedure necessary? The bureaucrats have totally lost their minds! They are completely inept with absolutely no sense of reality!They’ve all been in Sacramento too long! 1/07/us/california-is-first-to -pay-for-prisoners-sex-reassig nment-surgery.html

9.)                        Proposed Universal Healthcare Plan: $400 Billion! 

Are they INSANE? This is another bottomless pit of corruption and government bureaucracy! Hard working tax payers who take care of themselves are expected to pay for everyone else’s unhealthy lifestyles? 40% of the citizens in L.A. County are already on Medicaid. If you divide 40 billion by the number of citizens in California, then this would be equivalent to every man woman and child paying $10,000 a year or $40,000 a year for a family of 4. There is no way that the majority of families would ever be able to afford this, but when you really break it down it even gets more disturbing! It was preposed that the state government would automatically take 15% off the top, out of everyone’s paycheck! Yikes! search;_ylt=AwrTHRhnAWpZrVsAQm 5XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyYTN1MDl1BG NvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDVUky QzNfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=universal+ health+care+bill&fr=yfp-t-s& fr2=cosmos