Should Mitch McConnell Resign?


Senate Majority Speaker Mitch McConnell may be about to resign his position!

If top conservative groups have their way, he would be out the door already. The senator from Kentucky is facing calls from influential GOP organizations to step aside as the Senate leader — and the pressure is mounting.


“We call on all five members of the GOP Senate leadership to step down, or for their caucus to remove them as soon as possible,” said Ken Cuccinelli at a Wednesday press conference in Washington, D.C.

Cuccinelli, the former attorney general of Virginia, leads the Senate Conservatives Fund, a grassroots organization that influential with conservatives in Congress. His organization was joined by other major conservative players like The Tea Party Patriots,  FreedomWorks and others in calling for McConnell’s resignation.

In other words, conservative activists have come out and said: No more excuses — drain the swamp!

In addition to a press conference, the groups distributed a hard-hitting open letter to McConnell that read in part:

You and the rest of your leadership team were given the majority because you pledged to stop the steady flow of illegal immigration. You have done nothing.

You pledged to reduce the size of this oppressive federal government. You have done nothing.

You pledged to reduce, and ultimately eliminate the out-of-control deficit spending that is bankrupting America. You have done nothing.

You promised to repeal Obamacare, ‘root and branch.’ You have done nothing.

You promised tax reform. You have done nothing.