US stops issuing visas in Cuba, cuts embassy staff, urges no travel to island!



The U.S. is pulling embassy staff from Cuba, warning against travel to the island and taking other measures in the wake of mysterious attacks on American diplomats.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ordered departure for all non-emergency employees and family members early Friday, a State Department official told Fox News, as a result of the mysterious sonic attacks against Americans in Cuba.

The State Department told Fox News that because it is removing employees from the area, it must also warn American citizens not to travel to Cuba.

Though officials initially suspected some futuristic “sonic attack,” the picture has grown muddier. The FBI and other agencies that searched homes and hotels where incidents occurred found no devices. And clues about the circumstances of the incidents seem to make any explanation scientifically implausible.

Some U.S. diplomats reported hearing various loud noises or feeling vibrations when the incidents occurred, but others heard and felt nothing yet reported symptoms later. In some cases, the effects were narrowly confined, with victims able to walk “in” and “out” of blaring noises audible in only certain rooms or parts of rooms, it was reported. .