The Laura Dekker Report: Guppy’s mainsail split in half in rough seas!…


Laura DekkerThe Wind turned! yeay! So we tacked. The last two rough days, Daniel says he was slowly turning into a vegetable not being able to do anything :P. We didn’t make much progress anywhere today as we heard a loud bang this morning and found the mainsail in two pieces… I think there’s something about getting close to land that my mainsails just can’t stand… I had one spare on board but with some little rips in it, so we spend the day sowing and putting the other main up. Now Guppy is happy sailing again, nicely on course to Whangarei doing 5kn, still pounding into some leftover seas but all very well on board 🙂 We’re now at 33.51S quik-read news

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