The Laura Dekker Report: Laura and Daniel are under sail again with higher winds and waves over the deck!…


The wind picked up again fairly soon after I wrote and we didn’t end up motoring, so that was good. Been going to much east all night now but doing reasonable speed. Instead of the wind dropping it has been around 15kn sometimes more. Put the 1st reef in the main which made Guppy a lot happier. Still all the other sails full up. Now at 32.34S 172.18E. We made bread and pancakes so we don’t have to worry about food to much when we’re pounding into waves, because the wind will start to pick up now. Guppy so far is doing really great. After around 38,000 miles sailing with her, I’m still impressed, especially now that we’re pounding into waves and rollers start coming over deck. She’s a tough one! We just had to renew one sail batten yesterday that had flown out, so some sowing as well. We just sowed the batten in now..

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