The Laura Dekker Report: Winds are up and Guppy sails for Whangarei safely!…


Guppy went like a rocket for a couple hours and then the wind just turned straight south, south east again and we’re back to tacks… But the couple of hours that we could keep course where awesome! We’re now at 35.18S 174.27E 37nm to go to Whangarei heads.



Laura Dekker

We are all cleared in and sailing home to Town basin. Guppy with a big smile on her bow, doing another 1000 nm together. The wind stayed and the last bit of the night it turned in our favor. But we had to tack until then though. We are very much looking forward to a FRESH water shower and some fresh food! 🙂

Another successful sailing adventure for the 18 year old Laura Dekker, “Youngest Round the World Sailor” and her friend Daniel.  They sailed once again aboard the 38 ft Ketch “Guppy.” Happy to be home again after a voyage to Norfolk Island 1,000 nm round trip.